New Study on Benefits of Fortified Food Supplement Sachets for Young Children

Findings from a new study from researchers, Dewey et al., at the University of California, Davis, based on an analysis combining data from 14 trials, were published in a series of four papers in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, demonstrating the benefits of fortified food supplements in a small sachet for young children. The results showed that providing a packet of small-quantity, lipid-based nutrient supplements (SQ-LNS), to children aged 6-24 months daily for at least three months resulted in a 27% reduction in mortality, 28% reduction in moderate to severe anemia, and 64% reduction in iron-deficiency anemia. Further benefits included a 12-14% reduction in stunting, wasting, and underweight. These findings have implications for policymakers and program planners, who may consider including SQ-LNS in packages of interventions that address child malnutrition and reach the SDGs for zero hunger and good health and well-being.

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