The Increasing Importance of Nutrition for Resilience

The world is being confronted by multiple, complex, cascading challenges and shocks that impact on human well-being, including nutrition and micronutrient security. The ongoing global food crisis and the COVID pandemic and its disruptions to global health food systems highlighted the deep vulnerabilities faced by populations world-wide, as well as the disproportionate burden they have on women. As climate-change and man-made conflicts exacerbate food security and nutrition challenges, optimizing the health and resilience of populations in the face of current and future shocks is critical as we strive to protect and nourish future generations.

Achieving the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development in an era of crisis upon crises depends on our ability to strengthen the resilience of individuals and populations – as well as the systems on which they depend.

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Nutrition for Resilience
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the Gut

The 6th GlobalConference

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