Policy Brief: Act Now Before the Ukraine War Plunges Millions Into Malnutrition

Standing Together for Nutrition (ST4N) Consortium G7 Policy Brief  

Governments, donors, and funders must act now to protect current and future generations from the devastating effects of maternal and child malnutrition as crisis upon crises adversely impacts millions of vulnerable communities worldwide.

The war against Ukraine, as recently highlighted in a Joint Statement in the science journal Nature, threatens to increase the number of malnourished people who have already suffered from reduced diets and health systems support due to COVID-19. 

ST4N supports the global nutrition community in advocating for concrete actions at this year’s G7 global dialogue to protect and nourish millions of mothers and children across LMIC contents who face extraordinary challenges due to the current crisis in Ukraine and two years of reduced access to critical nutrition services and nutrient rich diets.

The following organizations support G7 action on nutrition and ST4N's policy recommendations.

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